Welcome to the Official Gnome Cones Snow Slinger Application!

This is gonna be fun.
(and maybe a little weird)
Gotta start with the boring stuff. This will get more fun, we promise.

We're talking names, socials, addresses, and felony charges.
We'll start off easy...

What's your First Name? *

How about that Last Name? *

We gotta be able to contact you somehow!
Can I get ya numba? *

How about social media? You got an instagram? *

What about that birthday of yours? *

You gotta get to work somehow - do you have reliable transportation? *

This could be a car, a bike, a mom, or your legs if you live close enough.
Are you legally eligible to work in the United States? *

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *

If the answer is No, then skip the next question.
If the answer is Yes, then you will get a chance to explain your situation.
Plea your case! We understand that life happens, mistakes are made, and circumstances change. Let us know what went down, so we can properly assess the situation.

If you're clean then skip this question :)
How deathly boring was this first section? *

You made it past the boring legal stuff!
Now lets talk about this new job of yours...

We’re looking for a few types of gnomes...

Argyle - Snow Slinger
Hours: 15-40/wk
Pay: $7/hr + tips (Guaranteed $9/hr)

Seeking lighthearted gnomes who work hard and care for people. Duties include slinging snow, serving customers, and making lame gnome puns. Argyle is the original gnome-home, so working here is a sacred honor.


Denton - Pop Cart
Hours: 15-40/wk
Pay: $7/hr + tips (Guaranteed $9/hr)

The Gnomes are making popsicles and we need your help slinging them! Ride around on an adorable Gnome-Cycle selling Gnomesicles on the Denton Square. Will also include some special events.


Denton - Kitchen / Delivery
Hours: 20-40/wk
Pay: $9/hr

Looking for hard working gnomes to handle our ice, syrup, and popsicle production. Will work from our kitchen in Denton and make daily deliveries to Argyle. Must be able to lift 50lbs, have a valid driver’s license, and follow detailed recipes.

Which position are you interested in?

About how many hours are you hoping to work every week? *

What is your availability each day of the week?

Select ALL of the time frames you are available to work. IF you have any variations from the listed times then please mention them in the Other sections.
Sunday *

Monday *

Tuesday *

Wednesday *

Thursday *

Friday *

Saturday *

So, when can you start? *

Do you have a specific date you'd need to leave your job with us? If so, write it below! *

Lets talk about where you went to school and what you learned...

Where'd you go to High School? *

Tell us about your time at {{answer_43808709}}.

What'd you like?
What'd you dislike?
Favorite Class?
Best prank? *

Did you go to college? Are you in college?
If so, where? *

Formal education doesn't work well for everyone. And we don't think that learning should be isolated to the classroom.

Tell us about something you've learned outside of school and how you've applied it to the rest of your life. *

Here's your chance to sparkle (don't worry you'll get more).
Let's chat about your work experience.

Where was the last place you worked? (If you plan to keep this job along with working at Gnome Cones, let us know!) *

If this is your first job then just write "First Job" and ignore the rest of the questions.
Just like we'll ignore your application (just kidding)
So what'd you do at {{answer_43809461}}?

Give us your title and a few of your daily responsibilities.

How long did you work at {{answer_43809461}}?

If you no longer work there, why'd you leave?

What about other jobs?
Where'd you work? What'd you do? Why'd you leave? How could it have been better?

Include as much or as little as you'd like. It would be beneficial to us to see examples of the types of places you've worked before, as well as hearing about your experiences with previous employers.
How deathly boring was this last section? *

Hopefully its getting better!

Finally time for the fun stuff!

Gnome Cones is a fun place to work. We take our snow cones and our customers seriously, but everything else is fair game.

Lets get weird.

We need multi-talented, hardworking people that want to bring more than syrup and ice to Gnome Cones.

Do you have any creative interests that could help bring the Gnome to life? *

Everybody has something to offer! If you don't see one of your talents or interests then let us know what you can do in the Other section.

Gnomes work hard and we play hard.

What are some of your weird hobbies, unpopular opinions, or extracurricular interests? *

Honesty is the best policy
Under the very rare event that someday you would choose to step away from your position at Gnome Cones...

What would you leave to pursue?
What do you work towards in your free time?
What is the long term vision and the big scary dream? *

Don't be afraid to get all teary-eyed and soul-wrenching.
What is the undisputed worst snow cone flavor? *

Please list and explain the three most important differences between Gnomes and Trolls as it applies to the Snow Cone industry. *

DO NOT Google this. Google doesn't know.
We're really big on puns and lame gnome jokes. You're probably gonna need to get on board with that.

Please write us a few lines of Gnome-themed literature.

It can be a couple of gnome puns, a short gnome poem, or an enchanting gnome adventure story. Whatever gets your creative juices flowing. *

Don't be afraid - Gnome guts, Gnome glory
A wildly misinformed customer requests a banana flavored Gnome Cone...

What do you say to bring them back to reality? *

Let them down easy, but be sure to set them straight.
Congratulations! You made it to the end of this wacky application.

Any final words? *

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